Aspiring Women Through Fitness

Opening in 2023

What We Offer



Aspire Athletic prioritizes the safety of all its members. We believe providing a safe space to workout is important for our members to have a well rounded experience each time they visit. We plan to achieve this by having key fob entry, one way windows, a no tolerance policy, and more.



Aspire Athletic will be prioritizing accessibility so that all potential members and existing members regardless of fitness level feel confident and comfortable. We plan to make the gym floor accessible as well as financially accessible.



Aspire Athletic places inclusivity as a focus point because we want all members and potential members to feel welcomed and comfortable at every visit.

For women seeking a safe space to work out, build community and improve their health.

Aspire Athletic is an inclusive, safe space for women looking to work out without feeling uncomfortable. Founder, Kayley, sought to build a community around empowerment, confidence, and networking. The purpose of Aspire Athletic is to provide a safe space for all women to workout while also offering amenities other gyms do and don’t have for a well-rounded experience.