About Aspire Athletic

Why Aspire Athletic?

Aspire Athletic was created for women seeking a safe space to work out, build community, and improve their health. We aim to provide an experience past a gym visit. We plan to achieve this by offering affordable prices with a luxurious feel. The gym will have an extensive amount of amenities such as babysitting, a juice bar, a meditation room, an array of classes, high-end equipment, and more.

Meet our founder

Kayley Carreno

I have been going to the gym for 6 years now, throughout those years I’ve faced many different phases when it came to my body and health but there was one thing that stayed constant and that was feeling unsafe and uncomfortable while at the gym. Discovering how many other women feel how I feel and have similar experiences, sparked my desire to make a change. I was inspired to give new gym members, gym veterans and those in between a new perspective of what it means to go to the gym.

We're an early-stage startup and seeking funding

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