Accessible Inclusive Safe Approachable

The purpose of Aspire Athletic is to provide a safe space for all women to workout while also offering amenities other gyms do and don’t have for a well-rounded experience.

Why invest?

Investing with Aspire Athletic is investing in the future of fitness. Aspire Athletic is a women’s only gym that offers everything you can find at any co-ed commercial or private gym and more. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and comfortable environment for women to achieve their fitness goals.

Our gym will offer a juice bar, somewhere to buy fitness clothes and supplements, a quiet/meditation room, sauna, a number of classes, personal training, a kids area to babysit, cardio equipment to weight lifting equipment and more. We will stand out from other women-only gyms because we will not cater to just one type of woman like many do. We will cater to women who body build, powerlift, only enjoy fitness class, and everything in between

1 %
Women support a women only gym
1 %
women don't feel safe
1 %
change their gym routine due to harassment
in 5 Women opt out of memberships.

Why is it crucial for a women-only gym to be available in the fitness industry?

With the rise of social media and fitness in social media there is one thing that has been a constant struggle for women. That is having numerous occasions being followed in and out of the gym, getting cat called, being uncomfortably watched, even being inappropriately touched. It causes women to view the gym in a negative light but taking those issues out of the equation it allows women to feel empowered, motivated, and excited to go to the gym.

Please check out @gymdiaries1 on instagram to hear stories from women who have dealt with gym harassment.